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Diagnosis Pro - System Information v0.7.7 Apk App

Diagnosis Pro - System Information v0.7.7 Apk App

Diagnosis Pro - System Information v0.7.7 Apk App Android Download - Hello guys, surely you already know this one android application. Yeah, Diagnosis Pro - System Information v0.7.7 Apk App Android is one of the best applications are preferred android mobile users and you must have it.

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Know what Android does behind its back!

 Ever wondered what your Android is currently doing?

 * On Window we can open the task manager and get all the information we want.
 * On Android it will suspend the app we are currently using, but what if we wanted information about that app?
 * What if wanted to know if an app is currently downloading or uploading something? How much cpu is this app using?
 * Is this app running out of memory?
 * Is the battery getting too hot ?
 * What apps are running in the background, at this moment?
 * Did another app just start and cause lag?
 * Why doesnt this app tell me how much battery i have left?
 * Loosing track of time while gaming?

 ~~~| Know what your Android is doing! |~~~

 Diagnosis can display system information at all times, even while using other apps.
 When Diagnosis is turned on, small customizeable text is shown on screen giving you information of your choice.

 There are various informations to choose from:
 - Cpu use, Memory, active app, cpu speed
 - Date, Time
 - battery, voltage, temperature
 - Network traffic (Upload per second, Download per second)
 - Name of applications using >40% or 70% cpu
 - And more...

 If desired you can have the recorded information saved in a database for later access and statistical data as network traffic, avg cpu use etc.

 ~|It's free and has no adds, so just give it a try.|~

 There is a more extensive help file included in app (see settings>about).

 I also respond fairly fast to emails, so just write me one if you have troubles or questions!

 I have had some questions about the requested permissions, i have nothing to hide, so let me explain them:
 * "Storage", so i can write the database to the sdcard instead of clogging up the internal memory
 * "System tools", is needed to show the information ontop of the screen and keep the display on when loading data
 * "Internet", is needed to send (anonymous) bug reports and display the network latency(Ping)
 * "Network state", to be able to get cell signal strength information
 * "Wifi state", to get wifi signal strength,name and ip information
 * "Receive boot completed", is needed for the option to automaticly start Diagnosis on boot

 Recent changes:
 - Fixed FC in app stats page
 - Added cpu frequency support for multi-core processors
 - Tiny performances improvements
 - Multi language preperations
 - Removed possible max/min cpu freq (data was not conclusive and overlapped max/min observed)
 - Cosmetic changes
 - Added external sd support for Transformer

 enable addtional features (Autostart, notification, additional information, ...

Download Instructions:

Do you like this game? if you want to download Diagnosis Pro - System Information v0.7.7 Apk App please click the download link above Diagnosis Pro - System Information v0.7.7 Apk App Provided by tGadget


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