Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Justin Bieber Back To Performing After Illness


Justin Bieber may have canceled his show Sunday night after being struck down by an illness, but he's bounced back and is ready to headline a show in New York. The VMA-nominated teen star tweeted that he has been cleared by his doctors to perform on Tuesday night (August 31) at Madison Square Garden, where he will film part of his upcoming 3-D movie.

"Ok the doctor said we aren't 100 percent but we are ready to ROcK!! Been cleared. MSG let's do this!!!" he tweeted on Monday. "Let's fill the streets of NYC! Rehearsals tonight were off to a rocky start because wasnt feeling right but then after lunch kicked in. 2morrow at MSG!! Thanks to everyone who came to help today...this movie is coming together."

Fans in attendance on Tuesday will get the chance to be a part of his 3-D movie, which made Bieber seem genuinely excited. "2morrow let's fill the streets of NYC with Purple and even if you dont have tix we will b celebratin n maybe u might just find ur way inside," he wrote. "Tomorrow is a celebration....we are living a dream and playing MADISON SQUARE GARDEN in NYC!! WHO IS COMING!!?!?!? SEE U THERE!!!!!"

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that other celebrities will make cameos at the show, and among the big names in the rumor mill is "Never Say Never" guest Jaden Smith. "Special security arrangements are being made for Jaden, who will appear onstage, and his family, including [his father] Will, to be in the audience for the concert," a source told the New York Post.

Earlier this month, the film's director, Jon Chu, spoke to MTV News about the flick. "[It's] a movie for his fans, a movie for people who don't know him, and we're gonna tell the underdog story of where he came from," he explained.

"Because it's a really fascinating story and it has a lot to do with our sort of digital lifestyle now. He was able to do what corporations try to do now when they use YouTube and they don't even know what to do with it yet. It's a pretty cool story for our time."

Sick Justin Bieber Defies Doctor to Perform in NYC


Good news for Justin Bieber fans: Despite being very ill, the tiny teen idol has decided to push on and perform at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Tuesday night.

The 16-year-old pop sensation was forced to cancel a show on Sunday night in Syracuse, NY after he became sick with an unspecified illness. Justin tweeted that night to fans:

really dont know what to getting rest right now and trying to recover from the not so good news from the gonna be ok just need 2 rest but i wanted all of u 2 know i never want to let any of u down. ever. i really appreciate all the kind words. this really sucks.
Watch a video below of Justin performing "My Favorite Girl" earlier this summer as part of his tour.

Kanye West, Justin Bieber Fans Split On 'Runaway Love' Remix


Kanye West forced fanbases to collide on Monday, when he released his Justin Bieber "Runaway Love" remix, which also features Raekwon.

What began as a mere social-networking brainstorm both utilizes the contemporary pop-chart topping talents of both West and the Biebs and incorporates some of Raekwon's vintage verses from "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta F--- Wit." So how do loyal fans react when a teen pop sensation, a master producer-turned-rapper and a hip-hop legend combine forces?

For the answers, we've looked across different blogs and to see fan comments and reactions to the new record. While the remix seemed acceptable to most listeners, others thought the blend of Bieber with the two MCs went together like oil and water.

McShanful wrote on the hip-hop blog "I thought this turned out pretty dope. But judging by the comments, this remix is a fail because Wu-Tang fans don't want to hear JB on a classic beat. And JB fans don't know or even care who Raekwon is, nor do they appreciate this classic beat. Nice try, 'Ye."

Readers on both pop and hip-hop websites couldn't see the benefit of including Bieber's song in the collaboration, stating that the current prince of bubblegum pop discredited the rappers' integrity.

"I'm a hard-core fan of Kanye's earlier music, but now I honestly think he will do anything if it gives him some fraction of publicity or money," Leni wrote on "Justin Bieber? I mean really?"

Legacye wrote on on "Oh ... dear ... lord. That was awful. Kanye's part of the track sounded fine, but Justin's music is just TOO tweeny-pop to fit in well with adult R and B. 1/5 from me."

And though Bieber's collaboration with Ludacris on "Baby" has been a huge hit with his followers, some were less than pleased by this much this harder-edged track.

"OMG !! That is just horrible," KT wrote on on "Justin is the only good thing on the song, but you have to sit thru that no talent thug mumbling and talking his way thru the verses before Justin sprinkles his magic on the song. PLEASE Justin don't team up with these no talent thug rappers because your management says so. All it shows is how much talent you have and how little talent the rappers have. No wonder they all want a piece of Justin's genius. YAYYY JUSTIN!!"

But other fans were supportive of the boundary-breaking trio.

"The song actually wasn't that bad, and as much as I hate to say it, Bieber sounded a little like Michael Jackson," Ericarbo436 wrote on

"A young youth, rockin' the gold tooth!" Börte Petrarchia wrote on "What a great collaboration that was. I think some were uneasy about it when they first heard, but I wasn't. F--- this elitist bullsh-- about who should work with who in music. It's all about creating wonderful tracks, and this is fantastic. Kanye's back, better than ever, so I'm happy."

Rwar wrote on "So good I had to post twice. Can we collectively acknowledge how important Kanye West is to music? Who else could make this happen?"

What do you think of the "Runaway Love" remix? Keep the conversation going in the comments below!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Makanan Terbau di Dunia

Makanannya bau banget gan, mending di cek aja deh langsung
moga moga aja nggakREPSOL

1. Durian (Asia Tenggara):

Durian memang baunya menyengat, bahkan sepertinya bisa menembus apapun ! Sampai-sampai banyak travel yang melarang jika kita bawa buah yang satu ini . Di websitenya bahkan disebut makan durian itu seperti :”eating custard next to an open sewer.” — makan custard di sebelah got yang terbuka.

2. Cha Om–stinky vegetable (Thailand):

Menurut sumbernya, yang ini masih sodaraan ama duren, namanya Cha Om (gak mirip ama duren ah). Baunya seperti belerang dan biasanya dipake buat bumbu untuk kari atau sop.

3. Bulad (Filipina):

Ya.. namanya bulad, kalau di Indonesia namanya ikan asin.. Orang Indonesia sudah tau lah baunya seperti apa ..

4. Tahu bau (Stink Tofu, China):

Ini adalah tahu yang direndam dengan bumbu yang terdiri dari susu fermentasi, sayuran, daging atau perasa udang, dan rempah2. Beberapa orang mengatakan rasanya seperti membelah daging busuk ..

5. Natto (Jepang):

Natto adalah kacang kedelai yang terfermentasi. Menurut Marc Matsumoto pada “it has a slimy texture similar to okra and smells like sweaty dirty socks.” .
-Teksturnya berlendir seperti okra dan baunya seperti kaus kaki kotor yang basah. -

6. Kala Namak:

Disukai oleh para vegan karena bumbu ini memberikan rasa telur (perasa telur). Kala Namak adalah bumbu yang dibuat dari garam hitam (black salt). Kala Namak bisa digunakan untuk membuat tahu mejadi memiliki rasa seperti telur, namun :
Menurut Gurpareet Bains, Indian Superfood “it smells and tastes like triple concentrated rotten egg vapor. “
– Rasa dan baunya seperti tiga kali bau konsentrat telur busuk –

7. Surströmming (Skandinavia):

Saat membuka kalengnya, bau busuknya begitu menyengat sehingga membuat shock sesaat ! Makanan ini terbuat dari ikan hering yang direndam dalam bumbu selama beberapa bulan !

8. Hákarl (Iceland):

Hákarl atau kæstur hákarl terbuat dari ikan hiu yang difermentasi, dan merupakan makanan dari Iceland. Ikannya adalah basking shark yang telah difermentasi dengan cara tertentu , kemudian digantung kering2 selama 4-5 bulan. Baunya seperti bau amoniak dan rasanya rasa anyir ikan.

9. Iru (Afrika):

Iru adalah semacam bumbu yang dibuat dari hasil pembusukan semacam kacang yang bernama locust beans

10. Daging Kambing Jantan (Afrika):

Beberapa hari setelah makan daging ini, baunya masih akan terasa dari dalam perut anda. Daging kambing pada umumnya memang memiliki bau yang kuat, namun daging kambing jantan memiliki bau yang jauh lebih kuat.

11. Bokkoms (Afrika Selatan):

Sejenis ikan asin yang dikeringkan, ya..baunya bau ikan asin …

12. Fafaru (Tahiti):

Terbuat dari ikan, lobster atau udang. Baunya dikarenakan makanan ini direndam dalam air laut yang difermentasi. Biasanya dimakan dengan krim kelapa.

13. Mengkudu (Noni Fruit, Tahiti):

Buah ini sudah cukup dikenal di Indonesia, dan dikenal juga dari baunya. Buah ini kaya akan vitamin dan antioksidan, namun barangsiapa ingin mengambil keuntungan dari nutrisi di buah ini, harus siap mengadapi baunya yang seperti bau muntahan.

14. Keju (Eropa):

Keju populer di Benelux (Belgia, Netherlands, dan Luxembourg) dan di Jerman. Keju yang terkenal akan baunya adalah keju Limburger. Baunya dikarenakan bakteri yang digunakan untuk fermentasi keju ini sama dengan bakteri yang menyebabkan bau badan manusia !Namun ternyata Inggris lah yang memiliki keju yang paling bau, yaitu keju Stinky Bishop, dikatakan baunya seperti bau pada ruang ganti club rugby.

15. Lutefisk (Scandinavian dan Madison, Minnesota):

Makanan ini berasal dari Scandinavia, namun sekarang telah dibuat di Amerika Serikat. Makanan ini berasal dari ikan yang telah dikeringkan kemudian dicelupkan ke dalam larutan sodium hidroksida yang memberikan aroma yang tidak pernah terlupakan. Ikan ini kemudian dipanggang atau direbus.

16. Ramps (USA, West Virginia):

Ini adalah sejenis bawang yang dikenal dengan nama Ramps. Dikonsumsi di West Virginia dan sebagian Appalachia. Rasanya seperti campuran antara bawang putih dengan bawang bombay.

ane sih sukanya durian aja gan, kalo agan - agan sekalian yang mana?

17. Tempoyak

Tempoyak itu makanan dr durian yg di busukin ..
durian d ambil, trs d simpen d toples d tutup rapat2 ampe beberapa hari, sampe gmn geto baunya ..
bayangin aja gan, udah durian itu bau, d busukin lagi ..

klo udah gt, bs d campur dgn lauk2 yg lain ..

tp enak koq, mama ane jg sering bikin tempoyak ..

18. Jengkol

Jering atau jengkol (Archidendron pauciflorum, sinonim: A. jiringa, Pithecellobium jiringa, dan P. lobatum) adalah tumbuhan khas di wilayah Asia Tenggara. Bijinya digemari di Malaysia, Thailand, dan Indonesia sebagai bahan pangan. Jengkol termasuk suku polong-polongan (Fabaceae. Buahnya berupa polong dan bentuknya gepeng berbelit membentuk spiral, berwarna lembayung tua. Jengkol dapat menimbulkan bau tidak sedap pada urin setelah diolah dan diproses oleh pencernaan, terutama bila dimakan segar sebagai lalap.

19. Bakasang

Bakasang is a traditional salt-fermented fish sauce widely consumed in the Eastern part of Indonesia, being particularly popular amont the Manadonese people....

baunya lebih buruk dari pada ikan asin... tapi menurut ane enak gan...

biasanya dicampur ma cabe... bahan utama isi perut ikan yang difermentasi secara asin...
baunya bikin

20. Terasi

Pada dasarnya terasi merupakan hasil proses fermentasi dari ikan atau udang yang diolah sedemikian rupa sehingga dapat dimanfaatkan sebagai bahan tambahan pada beberapa masakan khas nusantara seperti sambal terasi, kangkung belacan, pecel, rujak buah atau beberapa hidangan lain yang sekiranya membutuhkan tambahan aroma terasi.

21. Stinky Tou Fu

Pic stinky tou fu .... (ane tinggal di taiwan n disini buanyaaak banget)
tapi rasanya ga seburuk image orang" kq ,,,, malah cenderung enak


Gendeng nih orang baru 31 taun, udah keliling dunia ke lebih dari 272 negara

Namanya adalah Lee Abbamonte asal Amerika Serikat, dia adalah seorang penulis tentang travel, dan seorang petualang sejati (Traveller). Lee ingin menjadi orang termuda yang melakukan perjalanan ke seluruh negara di dunia. Saat ini dia telah mengunjungi lebih dari 272 negara di usianya yang baru menginjak 31 tahun. Inilah beberapa gambar Lee di berbagai negara.
























Cape Verde:

Alaska (USA):

Brunei Darussalam:



















Republik Ceko:







Sri Langka:



Korea Utara:





Lee juga Membuat List daftar 5 Maskapai terbaik dan terburuk.

5 maskapai terbaik adalah:
1. Singapore
2. Cathay Pacific
3. Emirates
4. Virgin Atlantic
5. Qantas

Sedangkan 5 maskapai terburuk adalah:
1. USAir
2. Alitalia
3. Iberia
4. Air France
5. South African

Saat ini Lee sudah masuk platinum member of the exclusive Travelers Century Club,yaitu orang yang sudah keliling dunia ke 250 negara,dan sebentar lagi Lee berpeluang menjadi orang termuda yang berpergian ke 320 negara di dunia. 272 maksud dia ada beberapa negara bagian gan atau merdeka secara de facto,kea gibraltar,micronesia ,svalbard dll,kalo dijumlah bisa banyak bgt. Daftar negara yang sudah dikunjungi Lee bisa dilihat disini

Mau tau banyak tentang Lee?masuk saja ke wed dia di sini Sekian thread dari saya,maaf jika repost,haya bermaksud share saja,buat yang suka,idak menolak cendolnya dan jgn lupa di rate hehe,thx


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