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Monday, April 23, 2012

Slider Widget - Volume & more v0.9.6 Apk App

Slider Widget - Volume & more v0.9.6 Apk App

Slider Widget - Volume & more v0.9.6 Apk App Android Download - Hello guys, surely you already know this one android application. Yeah, Slider Widget - Volume & more v0.9.6 Apk App Android is one of the best applications are preferred android mobile users and you must have it.

Requirements: Android version 2.2 and higher
Overview: A small Widget that gives control of the screen brightness and the sound volume directly from your home screen.

 You can easily manage those with the widget's slider or your hardware buttons.

 âœ" control screen brightness
 ãƒ» or set auto brightness (on/off)

 âœ" control volumes
 ãƒ» ringtone volume
 ãƒ» media volume
 ãƒ» notification volume
 ãƒ» alarm volume
 ãƒ» system volume

 âœ" 2 input options
 ãƒ» change values with the slider
 ãƒ» change values with hardware (up/down - buttons)

 âœ" indicators show if auto brightness is on or notification and ring volumes are connected

 âœ" position of the slider can be changed

 âœ" settings
 ãƒ» notification uses ring volume (on/off)
 ãƒ» play confirmation sound if volume changes (on/off)

 Slider Widget needs the following permissions
 "WRITE_SETTINGS" - to change e.g. the screen brightness
 "INTERNET" - to report bugs
 "VIBRATE" - to vibrate if going into vibration mode

 Recent changes:
 - testing if/how update in play store works

 - fixed bug
 (change brightness with hardware buttons was possible if auto brightness is on)

 What's in this version:
 Notice! If Android has a problem loading the widget, please add a new one and remove the old one (caused by internal changes to support multiple instances)
 New features
 .. 4 sizes: 1x1, 2x1, 3x1, 4x1
 .. Added support for multiple instances of slider widget with independent settings
 .. Colors can be changed now for every category separately
 .. More languages: polish, russian
 Some fixes
 .. Improved categories & color changing

Download Instructions:
Do you like this game? if you want to download Slider Widget - Volume & more v0.9.6 Apk App please click the download link above Slider Widget - Volume & more v0.9.6 Apk App Provided by tGadget


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