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Friday, December 2, 2011

Justin Bieber collaboration with Mariah Carey in 'All I Want for Christmas ... - New York Daily News

<div readability="72.5433070866"> <p class="DNTEXT"> Justin Bieber's new Christmas video is spreading a little less cheer than some had anticipated.</p> <p class="DNTEXT"> The teen star caused a stir after his music video with Mariah Carey for "All I Want for Christmas" - a remake of Carey's 1994 hit song - shows the two in some rather awkward moments.</p> <p class="DNTEXT"> The four-minute video, which looks more like a long commercial for Macy's, features Carey showing off her post-baby body in a sexy Santa-inspired dress, while Bieber and his friends peruse theheavily-decorated department store for shoes and Nintendo 3DSs.</p> <p class="DNTEXT"> While most of the video comes off as an innocent holiday duet, a few eyebrows have been raised over 17-year-old Bieber's flirty interaction with Carey, 41.</p> <p class="DNTEXT"> One commenter on VEVO's website stated: "The undertones of this video is quite creepy actually, a 41 year old cougar dressed as a stripper santa, and a 17 year old boy trying to act like a gangster. And product placement throughout. It makes Christmas a cringeworthy fest. What happen to traditional old Christmas?"</p> <p class="DNTEXT"> NBC, which aired the video Wednesday night, received more backlash on their website message board.</p> <p class="DNTEXT"> "This video was highly inappropriate for the viewers of NBC's 'Christmas in Rockefeller Center,' " wrote one viewer. "My husband &amp; I were both appalled at seeing this on primetime tv for families. Most folks want heart-warming Christmas festivities, not sexy (verging on pedophiliac) overtures."</p> <p class="DNTEXT"> While another wrote: "This video was disturbing on so many levels. It was actually uncomfortable to watch. Very unacceptable video for a family show."</p> <p class="DNTEXT"> Regardless of the criticism, Beliebers seem to outnumber the concerned viewers. As of Friday, over 46,5000 people have "liked" the video on the pop star's Facebook page.</p> </div>


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