Justin Movie


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Justin Bieber skateboards topless in front of screaming fans

It must be hard being Justin Bieber. There you are busily recording your new album (called 'Believe') in Miami when you realise it's time for your hourly skateboarding break. Luckily there is a skate ramp right outside the studio. Handy. So what's the problem? Well, standing right next to the skate ramp is an army of screaming hysterical girls who keep screeching your name, weeping and shouting about how much they love your pants. What do you do? Give up and scurry back inside? Call the police? Get a megaphone and ask everyone politely to go home? Dont be daft. You take off your top and give them a show. Albeit a bit of a grumpy show. One girl even bellows, "At least give us a wave, Justin!" and he does, grudgingly, at the very end when he has his top back on and is leaving. This video gives us a tiny snapshot of the daily insanity of 17-year-old Justin's life. It was almost as if the wailing hordes weren't there at all, so expertly did he blank them. Or maybe he was just ignoring them so he didn't fall off. Now THAT would have been a video. The best bit? When one girl shouts, "Security! Security are coming!" There speaks a voice of Bieber-stalking experience.


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