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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Justin Bieber wants an apology in paternity case - Chicago Sun-Times

<div readability="139.766374635"> <div class="story-details" readability="33"> <!-- Start By-Line --> <p class="by-line"> WITH BILL ZWECKER <span class="date-time">November 16, 2011 7:10PM</span> </p> <!-- END By-Line --> </div> <!--fix for issue 5339HSF0--> <!-- brle:gStoryId = #(gStory.%Id())#--> <!--brle:PictureSize = #(pictureSize)# _ #(brleCondition)#--> <div class="article-image-container" readability="35"> <img id="imgWidth" alt="Story Image" src="$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYsRtZBHwxT5f3DvL8EQVrJyWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&amp;CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg" /><p class="image-description">Justin Bieber is getting support from other famous folks, including Justin Timberlake, Madonna and Charlie Sheen. | DANIEL ROLAND~AFP/Getty Images </p> <!--CAPTION ENDS HERE--> </div> <!--close for VidPID --><!-- close for HTMLTop --><!-- close story detials--><!-- close image container --><!-- Start Left Bar --> <!-- END Left Bar --> <!-- Start Story --> <p>Updated: <span class="date-time">November 16, 2011 8:35PM</span></p> <p class="body.dropcap">Realizing <span class="body.bold">Mariah Yeater's </span>case was a joke, her original San Diego-based legal team has dumped her and withdrawn her paternity suit against <span class="body.bold">Justin Bieber.</span> </p> <p class="body.textrr"> While the pop star has denied fathering single mom Yeater's baby son and has said he'd take a DNA test to prove it, I've learned Bieber's lawyers are going to follow through on their countersuit against Yeater — looking to make an example of the young woman, who could have faced statutory rape charges if that child was proven to be Bieber's.</p> <p class="body.textrr">"This is not about money," said someone extremely close to the Bieber camp. "Clearly Mariah doesn't have anything. It's about getting a very public, widely televised apology — showing the world that people cannot subject celebrities to things like this simply because they are famous."</p> <p class="body.textrr"> Media-centric Chicago lawyer <span class="body.bold">Jeffrey Leving</span> is sticking with Yeater's case, claiming she is facing death threats, and says she now is represented by Los Angeles attorney<span class="body.bold"> John Carlson. </span>Leving indicated Wednesday he hopes some sort of settlement will be worked out between Yeater and Bieber outside of the courtroom.</p> <p class="body.textrr">From what I'm hearing, that's a pipe dream — to say the least.</p> <p class="body.textrr">In the meantime, Bieber has been hearing from a slew of famous folks — including <span class="body.bold">Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Madonna</span> and <span class="body.bold">Charlie Sheen</span> — all congratulating him on sticking to his guns and encouraging him to pursue legal claims agains Yeater.</p> <p class="body.textrr"> † In other paternity news, <span class="body.bold">Laura Bellizzi </span>told TMZ that <span class="body.bold">"Mel Gibson</span> is not the father of my child," blasting various media outlets for being "100 percent dishonest" for claiming she had told friends the Oscar winner was the father of the baby.</p> <p class="body.textrr"> <span class="body.sans.bold">GLOBE GAB:</span> <span class="body.bold">Ricky Gervais </span>will be back for his third hosting gig on the Golden Globes when the awards show airs Jan. 15 — and from the sound of his Twitter message Wednesday, his edgy humor will be intact. The Brit comic tweeted, "Just told <span class="body.bold">Billy Crystal</span> he'd better not use any of my Holocaust or pedophile material at the Oscars. He agreed (true)." </p> <p class="body.textrr"> <span class="body.sans.bold">ROYAL RUMBLINGS: </span>The rumors have been flying for a while, and now InTouch Weekly adds more fuel to the gossip fires — quoting a source insisting <span class="body.bold">Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, </span>and <span class="body.bold">Prince William</span> already are expecting their first child.</p> <p class="body.textrr">As is always the case with these tales, time will tell. </p> <p class="body.textrr"> <span class="body.sans.bold">ACROSS THE YEARS: </span>Here's a fun twist on the "cougar" romance <span class="body.bold">Ellen Barkin,</span> 57, has pursued with 26-year-old filmmaker <span class="body.bold">Sam Levinson.</span> The actress, who produces and stars in Levinson's "Another Happy Day," actually made her movie debut in 1982 — in the groundbreaking "Diner" by Sam's dad, <span class="body.bold">Barry Levinson.</span> </p> <p class="body.textrr"> <span class="body.sans.bold">TAKE A BOW:</span> Steppenwolf has made a great choice in picking Emmy-, Golden Globe- and SAG Award-winning actress <span class="body.bold">Julianna Margulies</span> as special guest of honor at the theater company's third annual "Women in the Arts" fund-raising luncheon — scheduled for March 12 at the Chicago Cultural Center.</p> <p class="body.textrr">Margulies, who stars in the hit "The Good Wife" on CBS, will be interviewed about her career by Steppenwolf's artistic director <span class="body.bold">Martha Lavey. </span> </p> <p class="body.textrr">† Kudos to <span class="body.bold">Willis, Shirley</span> and <span class="body.bold">Chris Johnson,</span> who celebrate the opening of their Classic Cinemas' 100th screen with the launch of the 10th auditorium at the York Theatre in downtown Elmhurst. The Johnsons recently were honored with the <span class="body.bold">Richard Driehaus </span>Architectural Award, recognizing that half of the company's 13 locations are historic venues that have been restored — dating back to the Tivoli Theatre in Downers Grove.</p> <p class="body.textrr"> <span class="body.sans.bold">SPLITSVILLE SAGA:</span> <span class="body.bold">Ruben Studdard,</span> arguably the least successful of all the "American Idol" winners, has apparently failed in the marriage department, too. The man known as the "Velvet Teddy Bear," who won season two of "Idol" in 2003, has filed for divorce from wife of three years, <span class="body.bold">Surata Zuri McCants </span>. </p> <p class="body.textrr"> <span class="body.sans.bold">SEEN ON THE SCENE: </span>A very jovial <span class="body.bold">Mayor Emanuel </span>bounded Tuesday night into Chicago Cut — making for something of a White House week at the steakery after Emanuel's presidential chief-of-staff successor <span class="body.bold">Bill Daley</span> was spied supping there the night before. … Rocker <span class="body.bold">David Byrne </span>stopped by the Musuem of Contemporary Art to catch the "Language of Less: Then and Now" exhibition Tuesday night. … <span class="body.bold">Israel Idonije</span> and <span class="body.bold">Matt Spaeth </span>were among those supporting their Bears teammate <span class="body.bold">Robbie Gould</span> at Rockit Bar &amp; Grill for his "Monday Night Football" event, benefitting his charity the Goulden Touch. </p> </div>


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