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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Selena Gomez talks Justin Bieber baby drama -

<div readability="78.8788063337"> <p> Selena Gomez at the MTV Europe Music Awards. (Belfast, Ireland) </p> <p>Justin Bieber isn't the only one who can rest a little easier now after a paternity lawsuit was dropped last week, so can Selena Gomez.</p> <p>The 19-year-old "Who Says" singer appeared on <i>The Ellen DeGeneres Show</i> on Thursday where she opened up for the first time since Justin Bieber was accused of having a bathroom fling, and fathering a child with 20-year-old Mariah Yeater.</p> <p>"What a crazy last two weeks it's been in the news," said DeGeneres."You've been alright?"</p> <p>"To say the least," said Gomez. "I have been [alright.]"</p> <p>"It's good to just kind of…be good," Selena added. "It's not easy."</p> <p>Justin Bieber,17, from the beginning, denied the incident that Yeater claimed had happened.</p> <p>"To set the record straight, none of it is true…never met the woman," he said.</p> <p>Though the lawsuit has been dropped, both parties still intend to settle outside of a court, and Bieber still will take a paternity test, the results intended to remain private.</p> <p>"I will state right now it's better that it's handled out of court which is in the best interests of everybody," Yeater's lawyer Jeffery Leving said, according to The Washington Post.</p> <p>Bieber's camp still denies he had any involvement with Yeater.</p> <p>"We've said from the beginning, it's sad that someone would fabricate such a malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claim," Bieber's spokesperson said in a statement. "We'll continue to consider all of our options to protect Justin."</p> <noscript></noscript> </div>


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